Explore Some of Our Past Trips

What does each trip blog consist of?

Trip blogs include trip routes as red tracks on Google Earth and topographical maps. Some trips also include a virtual fly-over video of the hike (more to come!).   A brief description and summary statistics can be found on the accompanying tabs.

What does elevation gain/loss mean?
Numbers are given as +meters ascent/-meters descent.  So, for example, if you started at 100 meters above sea level, climbed 100 m, descended 50 m, climbed another 200 m and descended another 50, you would end up at 300 m above level.  Your elevation gain/losss would be expressed as 300 m/-100 m.
What are +/- and Max/Avg slope statistics?
Slopes are expressed as +X %/-Y %.  The positive number is the slope on the ascent and the negative number is the slope on the descent.  A 10% slope means a gain of 10 meters in elevation over 100 meters in distance. Both maximum and average slopes are given.  If you climbed and descended on the same route the positives and negatives should be the same (within the error tolerance of your gps tracker).
What determines the degree of difficulty of any trip?
Perceived degree of difficulty is, of course, dependent upon your own personal level of physical fitness.  Relative difficulty is a combination of distance (and how quickly one travels over that distance), elevation gain/loss and the maximum and average slopes as well as trail conditions (smooth, rocky, heavy bushes etc.)  Our club is currently working on establishing a diffulty rating for our trips trying to take as many of these factors into account as possible.

Raven Lodge to Cruickshank Canyon Lookout

A Summer Day Hike

Sep. 16, 2017

A day hike from Raven Lodge at Mt. Washington Nordic Center to Cruickshank Canyon Lookout and return.
Distance 21.4 km
Elev. Gain/Loss 756 m, -756 m
Max Slope 25%, -26%
Avg. Slope 6%, -6%
Difficulty Rating

Virtual fly-over video pending.

Beech’s, N. Chinese & S. Chinese Mtns.

A Summer Day Hike

Sep. 14, 2017

A day trip to Quadra Island including ferry from Campbell River to Quathiaski Cove. Three peaks summited, Beech’s Mtn., North Chinese Mtn., and South Chinese Mtn. Peaks are moderate in elevation but offer super panoramic views of the Coast Range and numerous peaks on Vancouver Island.
Distance 7.7 km
Elev. Gain/Loss 643 m, -643 m
Max Slope 50%, -48%
Avg. Slope 15%, -15%
Difficulty Rating

Raven Lodge to Buttle Lake

A Five-Day Summer Backpacking Trip

Aug. 31 to Sep. 4, 2017

A five-day backpacking trip from Raven Lodge at Mt. Washington Nordic Center to Westmin Rd. at Buttle Lake.  The trip requires a pick-up at Buttle Lake.  Various shuttle services are available and should be booked ahead of time. This may limit the number of hikers in the group.

Day 1: From Raven Lodge to campground at Circlet Lake.

Day 2: From Circlet Lake climb to the top of the ridge, drop backpacks and ascend Mt. Jutland with day packs and return to pick up backpacks.  Hike to camp at base of Mt. Albert Edward.

Day 3: Summit Mt. Albert Edward and continue on to Ruth Masters lake to camp.

Day 4: Climb out of valley to saddle below Augerpoint Mtn.  Switch to daypacks to summit Augerpoint.  Return to saddle, retrive backpacks and continue to camp at one of the tarns below NW Peak.

Day 5: Summit NW Peak with daypacks.  Descend and retrieve backpacks and complete final descent to Buttle Lake.

Distance 10.6 km
Elev. Gain/Loss 480 m, -373 m
Max Slope 33%, -26%
Avg. Slope 8%, -6%
Difficulty Rating
Distance 9.8 km
Elev. Gain/Loss 1043 m, -356 m
Max Slope 52%, -40%
Avg. Slope 15%, -11%
Difficulty Rating
Distance 7.3 km
Elev. Gain/Loss 483 m, -931 m
Max Slope 60%, -60%
Avg. Slope 15%, -20%
Difficulty Rating
Distance 6.2 km
Elev. Gain/Loss 724 m, -605 m
Max Slope 60%, -63%
Avg. Slope 20%, -19%
Difficulty Rating
Distance 8.5 km
Elev. Gain/Loss 361 m, -1682 m
Max Slope 41%, -70%
Avg. Slope 13%, -24%
Difficulty Rating

5040 Peak

A Summer Day Hike

Aug. 26, 2017

A day hike to the summit following the same route on ascent and descent. A strenuous hike averaging 26% slope (see Statistics). Rewarding 360° view at summit includes Trip Peak, Nahmint and many more peaks. Requires 4×4 or comparable high clearance vehicle to access trail head.
Distance 7.1 km
Elev. Gain/Loss 995 m, -995 m
Max Slope 62%, -62%
Avg. Slope 26%, -26%
Difficulty Rating

Comox Glacier (One Night)

An Overnight Summer Backpacking Trip

Jul. 29 – 30, 2017

A one night camp on the summit snowfield or rock island.  This trip included full backpacks to the south summit where camp was set up.  Two forays with day packs – for a couple of hours on the evening of day 1 to the backside of the glacier and a trip the following morning to the north summit and back to camp.  Then pack up and descend to trailhead.

Distance 17.6 km
Elev. Gain/Loss 2152 m, -2152 m
Max Slope 65%, -65%
Avg. Slope 22%, 22%
Difficulty Rating

Ash Pond Loop (from Wood Mtn. Ski Area)

A Summer Day Hike

Jul. 13, 2017

A day hike from abandoned Wood Mtn. Ski area (top of Forbidden Plateau Rd.) to the Wood Mtn. traverse trail to Slingshot Meadows.  Then an ascent to Ash Pond and return along the base of Mt. Becher back  to the traverse trail and the ski area.

Distance 15.3 km
Elev. Gain/Loss 1015 m, -1015 m
Max Slope 42%, -43%
Avg. Slope 12%, -12%
Difficulty Rating

Virtual fly-over video pending.