Board of Directors

(Elected at 2020 AGM) 


President: Juanita Wells

Vice President: Janet Beggs 

Secretary: Petra Strougal

Treasurer: Kim Hewgill

Directors-At-Large: Ken Rodonets, Julianna Wells, Ed Tickner, Ken Filliter


Membership Coordinators:

Julianna Wells, Kim Hewgill (Assistant)

Equipment Coordinator:

Ken Rodonets

Trips Coordinators:

Ken Rodonets, Juanita Wells (Assistant)



  1. The name of the society is COMOX DISTRICT MOUNTAINEERING CLUB.
  2. The purposes of the society are:
    1. to organize a programme of guided hikes and expeditions;
    2. to promote the conservation and appropriate use of Parks and wilderness areas;
    3. to promote outdoor education and sound leadership skills;
    4. to undertake projects such as development, improvement and maintenance of trails and other amenities, when and where feasible, in partnership with BC Parks and private landholders.

The CDMC is registered under the BC Society/Societies Act. The club Constitution is on file with the Province of British Columbia Registrar of Companies.


The current CDMC Bylaws, were approved at the 2018 AGM and have been filed with the Province of British Columbia Registrar of Companies.


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